The US hotel industry is poised for slow but steady growth in 2017 and 2018. In each year of the current decade, the industry has seen demand for hotel space exceed supply. Many hoteliers have properties in development, but 2017 hotel occupancy in the United States is forecasted to exceed 65% – only slightly lower than the historical high. The industry also expects to see a modest gain in the average daily rate.

Hotels that distinguish themselves by providing excellent service and a clean, comfortable guest experience are likely to see the highest occupancy and benefit from a steady domestic travel forecast. While some hotels are experiencing pressure from services like Airbnb, A-1 Hospitality Group hotels offer significant some significant advantages, including location, security, cleanliness, consistency and amenities. We offer direct booking options that provide the lowest possible cost to each guest. Our guests know that they will enjoy a pleasant travel experience when they make reservations with us, and we regularly welcome a significant number of repeat guests. We also enjoy excellent ratings and reviews among travel and booking websites.

A-1 Hospitality Group welcomes investor inquiries from respected companies, institutions and individuals who share our long-term vision for success in the hospitality sector. We offer a rich guest experience that appeals to both business and leisure travelers. Our properties are consistently rated highly by our guests and we offer a range of lodging options in Oregon and Washington.

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